Tuesday, October 20, 2020

V and Co New Ombre Fairy Dust Pattern Ombre Trellis

 YAY! We are so Excited to let you know that Ombre Fairy Dust HAS BEEN REPRINTED!!! What that means is that we have a 2nd shipping date of November 2020. Yes just around the corner. So if you are a quilt store looking to order but wasn't able to the first time around here's your chance to order from your MODA rep. This fabric ships around the world. If you are someone who likes fabric and wants to get your hands on some of this fabric...ask your local quilt shop or your favorite online fabric shop to see if they carry it! 

We are also excited to let you all know that we have a new pattern to keep those creative juices flowing. 

Introducing OMBRE TRELLIS:

Ombre Trellis is just gorgeous you guys. It's a favorite at our house I have to keep it hidden at the moment so no one messes it up and gets it dirty and stuff (just till it makes its rounds to stores and pictures and such things!). But eventually it's going to be loved quilt because it just makes you feel happy and loved to be under it!

Ombre Trellis stats: Finished size of the quilt is 57 1/2" by 70 1/2" so basically perfect curl up on the couch and read a book, watch the rain, watch your fave online show, watch a movie, zoom meeting it up with some friends, or just being lazy and want to feel snuggly good cause you can quilt. 

Don't believe me? Just look at this candid shot of annoying cat (my instagram posts can explain more about him and his nickname).

This quilt uses traditional piecing and uses our newest V and Co Ombre (now sold in stores and second shipping will ship in November 2020, so ask your local quilt shop or favorite online store if they have it and if they don't let them know you want it!) 

This pattern is Jelly Roll friendly but we understand that sometimes JR's are sold out so in the pattern we list out every color and how many strips of each color you will need. You're Welcome! :)

IF you are a shop looking for Wholesale paper patterns, Please contact me via Email and we can get you hooked up or you can always go to your favorite Distributor to see if they carry our pattern! 
We have more patterns to show off and we will in the next few weeks! :) Until then! Stay safe and enjoy some sewing!!

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